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how do i hold all these muses

I've got more people here!

» Not all my folks have ready icon sets/usernames, but feel free to request one who doesn't and I'll get them up to speed!

» Feel free to request ocs too. I have so many of them

» I am generally a slow tagger due to RL/work/game tags but I'll get one out every 3-4 days at the latest.

» Pick a prompt and get the ball rolling! Or post a comment and I'll brain something.

» I am ALWAYS open for plotting and aus! You can find me at [plurk.com profile] eonflamewing.

» This CMO is sfw but if you want to write nsfw stuff pm me.......

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surprise me with someone first

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[ do u want a flamingo ]
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[okay give me the flamingo]
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[ but what will you do with the flamingo ]
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[ A lake in a park has frozen over, providing a venue for ice skating in the city. With a pair of white ice skates, Eli walks beside her fellow idol Reiji, whom she invited to come skate with her. The rest of u's are too busy with personal matters and her sister Alisa is still at school. He's not about to leave a girl out in the cold on this fine winter day, is he?

(That's probably the line she used on him earlier.) ]

I'm glad you're able to make it, Reiji-kun. But isn't Gal-Stan busy with anything today?
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[ Well, Reiji took it in stride (ha ha). It's perfectly true, after all - and he's always been inclined to take responsibility for his habit of complimenting people freely. Including girls.

Eli is great company though, which is why he's all too willing to pull some strings to get the outing together. ]

Nope! We're done. Today's usually training day, but the manager gave us a break. [ The wink clearly (or not so clearly) states Reiji Shenanigans. ] Even the most hardworking need a break once in a while, you know?

[ He has his own skates, but they're packed in a carrying bag. ]
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[ gasp ] Reiji-kun—!
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[ But manager, huh? Sometimes she forgets his group is on an entirely different level than hers. And he made some time just for this? Her expression softens and she lets out an exasperated sigh at how absurd he can be. ]

Professional idols and school idols are worlds apart, aren't they? [ She looks at the blanket of snow below them and grips the laces of her skates tightly. ] I've always thought you had it easy, but I feel like I'm the childish one here asking you to come with me.
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[ For all of it, Reiji just smiles. He's a little amused at Eli's exasperation (somewhat similar to Shizuma's when he pulls off this kind of stunt) - but there's also an underlying current of confidence, as if he never doubted his decision since the beginning. ]

Hey, don't worry about it. It's fine, we started off as school idols too. I'm also a student, and it's not right to deny students the right to relax no matter how much stuff they have to do. [ There's a lot of effort and pain behind achieving professional status, but he's not about to let that show. ] So it's fine! I'd rather spend my off days hanging out with you than any old stranger or staying at home.

[ Never mind the fact that he kinda impromptu rearranged his schedule.... but it all works out okok. ]


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stop reiji 2k16

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let the hitting on commence....

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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its the miyano curse....

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dammit miyano

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karma truly is ironic

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Give me the worst.

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[The absolute worst.]
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[ The worst, you say... man I actually don't have any battle icons for him?? how could???

are they fighting

if so against who

is it each other ]
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[The worst, I say!! And you had mercy!!!

Souza has never been happier to see ccp's face

are they fighting?

Are they fighting each other??

Is it a corruption au?????

Or just being awful for the sake of being awful??]
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I don't know man. They all sound wonderful.

Someone dies. I wonder who.

It'll be horrible though. just a good amount of despair and pain to make our day.... ]

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Kiwame? More like Kiwhyme

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bangs hand on table

where is he where's that cute baby bro

she'll even be a doting older sister so long as he isn't trying to kill her

alternatively she can be really really terrible if he is trying to kill her.......ill leave it up to you
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RIGHT HERE 4 U..... do you want them to be in life or like. idk as Servants because a fate au would be cool

given nobu's personality i think he will probably be less batshit than with canon nobu for his series but batshittery will be in the works because he's too sensitive lmfao nobu will break him sooner or latter (just latter than in canon)
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FATE AU WOULD PROBS BE EASIER YEAH im actually laughing imagining an all oda grail war now...there's certainly enough of them to fill the seven classes

at the very least she'd drop everything to talk to him once she recognised him

although if it's fate au should we assume he did try to usurp her historically...twice...or would you rather we just kinda au to "actually decent siblings"

at the very least she'll treat him the same (nicely) either way since post-death nobu's chill even about mitsuhide killing her so
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idk man that would have to dpeend on nobu's personality you're clearer than me on this: would she be as eccentric and disrespectful of traditional customs as historical nobu.... because like the main catalyst for nobuyuki breaking was nobu being rude as hell at their dad's funeral and basically running away to do his own thing leaving nobuyuki to clean up after him

his batshitness is like. scaled to how rood nobu is so i leave that up to you ]

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honkforidols: When you treat me coldly, I end up wanting to cry... (Uwooooooooooough...!)


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[ So, what was a girl going to do on one of her few free days from practice, especially when her friends are all busy with other things?

Spend time with another friend of hers and a fellow idol, of course! That was Honoka's line of thinking when she invited Reiji to come join her in Akihabara just to hang out - plus, who knows? Maybe they could both get inspiration for future performances by watching the street idols and performers out here, too! It'd be like killing two birds with one stone!

. . . of course, knowing her she'd focus more on the hanging out and the street food part of their excursion, but. Nothing wrong with that, right?

In any case, that sure is Honoka looking around the station where she planned to meet Reiji - and she was feeling a little mischievous. Her hope was that she'd find him first and spook him a little, but there were so many people here...! ( Which means it would probably be more likely that Reiji would find her first... ) ]
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[ It's taken Reiji a bit of time to actually get to Akihabara Station - rushing his plans so that he can finish practice early, settling Shizuma so that the other won't follow him - but he's done it, and it's only three minutes that he's late by.

True to his surprisingly perceptive nature, he's able to spot her rather quickly. Are they going to try and sneak around to spook each other? It's just a matter of who sees the other first: ]

honkforidols: Love you love you, puwa puwa, love you love you, puwa puwa~! (so I MAY have just ended up on tfln...)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !!!

[personal profile] honkforidols 2016-05-28 08:31 am (UTC)(link)
[ Well, Honoka looks like she has things together! Soon she can find him and startle him!

. . . until Reiji suddenly morphs out of her peripheral - when did that happen--? ]


[ THAT sure is Honoka screaming and hitting octaves she normally wouldn't ever hit as she jumps out of her hiding spot, accidentally faceplanting the nearby vending machine before she's able to properly process what happened... ]

. . . ooooow... I'm okay... I think...
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yes good

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[ Well, that certainly is one large scream. It's enough to give even Reiji visible surprise, but he recovers quickly to try and help Honoka up from where she'd run into the machine. ]

Are you sure? If you're hurt anywhere, we can get it seen.

[ It is kinda his fault for making her jump, after all. ]


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[It's a celebrity mingle. Shining Saotome somehow worked his magic (not that it was hard, Masato thinks) and had the free members of STARISH attend a gala somewhere in Tokyo. Musicians and actors and actresses alike took over a large, splendid ballroom, everyone dressed to the nine's and enjoying the music. Outside of just songs, they also had a small stage set up, a live band ready and open for karaoke for those who feeling rather adventurous that night. Wine, fine dining, and a nearly unlimited supply of sweets took over one part of the room.

Not to mention the outdoors. A wonderful view of the lakeside, next to a small beach. There were boats for rental and even a few fireworks--although Masato suspects those were smuggled in by someone as opposed to a proper display.

Honestly, Masato would prefer to be elsewhere. In a quiet room, perhaps the library, reading or practicing his calligraphy. He's been to more than enough of these parties, although he has to admit he actually has his father to thank for preparing him at a young age for these strange affairs. He opts for a break from the heavy bass, retreating towards the outside patio. It's still full of people, some having conversations and even a few hookups or two, but it's quieter and calmer, and Masato is alright with that.
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[personal profile] heiring 2016-06-22 04:39 am (UTC)(link)
[ One would ordinarily not expect a school idol unit to be invited to this sort of party - but it merely attested to the fame and ability of Galaxy Standard. The group split up after formal introductions were over, Asuma and Bantaro having immediately gravitated towards the food and the other two going off somewhere else. It's rare that Shizuma isn't with him, but he's used to these things. Perhaps the relationer had been occupied with something else.

For now, he's out on the patio with a glass of sparkling lemonade held between two fingers (he's not legal yet), just casually standing close to a wall and watching the other people come and go. Masato doesn't fail to catch his attention, what with the other's expression and rather obvious blue hair. It's even brighter than his own.

He'll watch Masato for another half-minute. If the other doesn't notice him first, he'll probably come over after that. ]
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[While Masato isn't particularly on watch, he's observant enough to notice the individuals in the area. He spots Reiji, but only gives him a courteous nod as he sees him looking over before making his way to the balcony railing to look over. He's mingled with very few individuals at the event, by pure choice, and honestly finds a good relief in just being on his own.

At least it's a nice night. Sorry, Reiji, you'll have to make the first move for this reserved kid.
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[ Masato has an interesting eye colour. That, more than anything else, spurs him to approach on a whim. ]

Hey. How's it going?

[ It's a simple sentence to begin with, while he takes a position next to Masato with his drink. He's not too close to intrude on the other's personal space, nor too far to be rude - just testing the waters. ]

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