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in games。

charles-henri sanson - fate/grand order
» navi | hmd - playing at [community profile] subnautica

"It is time to begin the execution."

reika kagura - god eater 2 rage burst
» navi | hmd - playing at [community profile] futurology

"Everyone comes home. You got me?"

Lord Light - original character
» navi | hmd - playing at [community profile] recolle

"As long as I live, I will learn."


takakage kobayakawa (sw)
» ✭✭✭✭✩
"This world is but a dream."
tokiya ichinose (uta no prince-sama)
» ✭✭✭✭✩
"If I kill all my feelings, then I cannot sing from my heart."
reiji suwa (prince of stride)
» ✭✭✭✭✭
"Only a fool would choose just one. I want to do everything."
shizuma mayuzumi (prince of stride)
» ✭✭✭✩✩
"Is this what you truly want, Reiji-sama?"
julius visconti (god eater 2)
» ✭✭✭✭✭
"I will not give in... not until every last Aragami has been purged from this world."
hiro kamui (god eater 2)
» ✭✭✭✩✩
"I believe in you."
teruomi makabe (god eater 2)
» ✭✭✭✩✩
"Man, I wish I was born in the 50's! God Arcs were all sexier then."
rachel claudius (god eater 2)
» ✭✭✭✩✩
"Good night, my dear children."
original characters。

All of my OCs come from a novel that I'm working on, but I also have variations of them for other canons or original verses.

lord light
The weakest and sanest deity in his world; an useless old man whose calm belies his razor-sharp sense of justice. He sacrificed himself so his people could fly to the stars in a ship made out of a hollowed out moon.
The first Herald to be reincarnated in over five centuries. His patience and kindness are almost boundless, as befits his station. It's thus a pity that he doesn't know his entire identity is a lie.
argand fleming
A young lady forced into a secret program that would produce a weapon to destroy her homeland. She ran away to great effect and came face to face with the god it was meant to be used on.
kagami no shiranui
A person of many names, many faces. They travel with the winds of obfuscation by their side, seeking what truly amuses them at the current time. Just who are they? And can a shadow keep true loyalties?
The product of a failed attempt at bring Krythe's guardian back. He's polite and a capable navigational AI, but the fact that he's supposed to be someone else will never stop haunting him.
boreas charyb aka the wintersmith
Killed the previous king of his country in a dramatic display of power; which had the side effect of forcing him to be chuuni to keep up appearances. He's not a bad guy... just someone with an identity crisis.
( museboxing。 )

» flynn ( shin megami tensei iv - null route )

"Oblivion is the only salvation
from our eternal torment.

» wyrden aisling ( freedom wars )

"If you want to live in this world,
you have to earn the right to do it."

» shokudaikiri mitsutada ( touken ranbu )

"I want to do things with style!"

» leon ( fire emblem: if )

"The strong are always lonely. They have no need for other people's strength."

» siete ( granblue fantasy )

"Sorry, I'm not interested in small fry."

( played upon request。 )

» marth ( fire emblem )

» lucian ( pokemon dppt )

» hideaki kobayakawa ( saihai no yukue )

» hayato aozora ( starry sky )

» nobuyuki oda ( geten no hana )

» bantarou chiyomatsu ( prince of stride )

» lancelot ( granblue fantasy )

credit: [community profile] exclusive
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