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how do i hold all these muses

I've got more people here!

» Not all my folks have ready icon sets/usernames, but feel free to request one who doesn't and I'll get them up to speed!

» Feel free to request ocs too. I have so many of them

» I am generally a slow tagger due to RL/work/game tags but I'll get one out every 3-4 days at the latest.

» Pick a prompt and get the ball rolling! Or post a comment and I'll brain something.

» I am ALWAYS open for plotting and aus! You can find me at [plurk.com profile] haemoglobin.

» This CMO is sfw but if you want to write nsfw stuff pm me.......

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[Gimme anyone and raining & pouring / bookworm / spillages from dat coffee shop meme]
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[ How about raining and pouring with this guy? who's gonna be inside and who's coming in :D ]

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give me anyone!

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[ It's New Year's Eve, but away from the festivities is a girl out in the cold weather, alone and crouched on the snow-covered park. She's proud of how elegantly she's dressed for the shrine a couple of blocks down, yet her eyebrows crease in worry as she searches the ground with her hands. ]

Where is it? Ooh...

[ She's on the verge of tears, it seems. ]
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[ Reiji is here today away from his usual entourage - certainly uncommon, but not so unusual. Having to stick with his family and his responsibility does get a little boring after a while, and every heir needs a sort of break.

He's dressed in a kimono as well - dark blue to complement his violet hair and eyes, and he moves in it with a fluidity of a dancer. His original intention was to hang around outside a little before he needed to head to the shrine, but Kougyoku's voice is definitely enough to stop him in his tracks.

No one should be sad on New Year's Eve, especially not a girl as cute as she is. ]

What are you looking for? I can help.

[ He stops beside her, smile casual and friendly. ]


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ITS OK she's so cute

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the 2nd best way to die tbh

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so what's the first way

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dying in a prettyboy's arms

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she can die in his arms

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hello it is i. / for lord light!

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( seasons meme. autumn ; harvest festival. /handwaves background furiously )

[ the celebrations are at full swing today as the town center is just bustling with activity. joyful youths danced around a pole and sang songs of thanks for their bounties. children, sweet babes, played games and ate their full in sweets and candied fruits as it'll be the last time they'll eat such delicacies as the approach of winter comes. but the thoughts of the cold days were far from the minds of those celebrating the hearty harvests they had this year.

now was for the time for songs and dances and laughter.

even caelum seemed to be enjoying herself as she simply sat at the table with the rest of the others, feeling surprisingly accomplished for all she had done in the past six months. who knew she would be in this position since the first day of her arrival to the village. she knew she hadn't made it easy for some of the others… whacking someone with a stone sphere is not the best way to make an impression. ]

Ah-! [ something snaps her out of the train of thoughts, feeling something drop on her head and laughter coming and going behind as someone ran away from the table.

her free hand reaches out to grab what was placed on her head, her grip on the stone orb in her other hand tightening out of reflex. the white knuckled grip she has on the orb relaxed when she feels what it is. twined branches and threaded leaves. flowers and acorns. it's a flower crown.

how embarrassing for her to react like that. her face turning a mild colour of red, she looks at the man sitting next to her in an attempt to save face. ]
Excuse me…

Did you see who did this? I certainly didn't catch a glimpse of them.
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[ It's harvest time; a season not alien at all. So even this world had its turns of days and nights, the cycle of life that bloomed and wilted each year. Even if they are in another realm, these are things that still call to home.

Lord Light sits upon the well-worn bench, the wind weaving briefly through his long white hair while he surveys the festivities with calm eyes of grey. He seems a little out of place - a monotone figure in the midst of a whirl of colourful shirts and dresses, and yet there's a certain radiance to his presence that sets him as one tile in a mosaic of many. He may lack colour, but he did not lack life. ]

A youth with eyes of the blue sky.

[ The deity's voice is calm and even as he turns to regard her with an expression of mild neutrality. ]

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Julius + cute flowershop AU!! don't look at me

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[The days here, they're routine, run into each other one by one by one and yet there's something steadying in that. Something pleasant. There's satisfaction to be taken from doing something one unproblematically enjoys, after all, and although the shop is quiet there's still work to be done, orders to be filled. Flowers to be arranged.

They've been working in companionable silence up to this point, but when one hand gropes out to find what he needs only to find it lacking, Giovanni lifts his head. Glances up at his coworker with a smile that borders on apologetic.]

Pass me the calla lilies, would you?
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DOESNT LOOK!! also are they OU self or AU self just checking --

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[ Julius provides an interesting contrast against Giovanni in the flower shop. They're both people who wear their uniforms impeccably, though he's taken the liberty to accent his with a single metal (flower) pin on the lapel. Most of the time he would have his hair tied up in a ponytail right at the top of his head, but it's at times like these that he lets it down - shoulder-length dusky blond hair, almost like a Disney Princess when taken together with his long eyelashes.

Though that's a joke better appreciated in another verse altogether. ]

Of course. Are these enough?

[ He moves to pick five from the shelf mounted to another wall. Giovanni's smile is met with a slight, polite nod. ]


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[BRING IT ON. #noshame]
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ok but which setting tho

futuro? oj? cc but with powers kept???
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'it's like vidya when you're at camp and have to chat with everyone 1v1'

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[ This is by all means a nice campsite - a clearing in the woods mate at midnight while the travelers rest. None of them needed sleep on a strict sense, but traveling can wear down even the hardiest of angels.

There's a small fire in the centre, maintained by magic. The crew have agreed to travel when the sun rises, which will be in a few hours.

What will you do? ]
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[ LL can be found seated against a tree, eyes closed as if meditating. He doesn't move an inch - absolutely still, no breathing, no muscle tics. A perfect picture.

It's evident that most of his presence is in the spiritual plane, however. Cataloguing what they've learned making plans.

Unlike him, Cecil doesn't have a spirit realm presence, so he's focused on poking at the fire to keep it going. ]

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[Something went wrong.

That's all that goes through her head once she completes the summoning - she can sense the distortion of magic around her, her attempts to summon Saber in vain. Maybe it was the presence of the dead constantly around her, maybe it was her own not truly dead state, her allegiance to the dead rather than the living. Maybe it was something out of her control. Either way, the Servant she summoned was not one she was supposed to summon.

The sudden drain of magic probably isn't normal either, and she finds herself on her knees - winded, as her spirits express concern, hover around her protectively. They can sense something wrong as well, but that's no surprise. But still her eyes stay focused on the figure in front of her, her sudden weakness nothing more than a temporary annoyance. Her biggest concern stands just in front of her.]

What's your name? [Because they aren't Saber. And with all the other Servants already summoned, she finds herself mentally scrambling for any information about who this could be.]
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[ Space bends and twists above the magic circle that she's inscribed - the gauntlet of a foreign king had been at its centre, but a red fog soon erupts from the runes around it and envelops the artifact entirely. Thorned vines crawl out of nothingness, reaching to bind the ground around the circle as a man steps out of the mist. Very similar to the person she had been trying to summon, but his clothes are dyed with red instead of blue, and the crown of thorns on his head look more menacing than decorative.

The gauntlet assumes its position on his hand, gold transmuted into black and red. ]

Servant Avenger. Are you my master?

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dat icon tho

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the dragon lord tsundere; gomen it's almost bedtime and I just threw this together

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[Sometimes, you just don't know what world you get tossed into next. Edgeworth is just relieved that his memories are not at all tampered...and neither are his CRAU powers and fighting skills. At this point, he's no longer surprised by what he sees - and the shenanigans he winds up in.

A village in the forest - a picturesque forest, complete with a stunning waterfall, fruit-laden trees and beautiful hills - is threatened by the creatures that live in said forest. A witch, they said, had taken over and was corrupting the animals - and even the plants. Wolves suddenly walked on their hind legs and targeted children specifically. Birds of prey had mutated into giants that could destroy houses. And who knew what lived in the treetops and the lake?

One can guess which two unlucky men were tasked to cleanse the forest, and save the poor hapless villagers. Gosh, this sounds like something straight out of a video game.

Enter Edgeworth, sitting down briefly on a rock, saber in hand as he sighs.]

I don't understand why they don't move to another location, however.
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[ There's really a problem with the fact that he's away from his home realm, not to mention that he's no longer able to summon Bahamut at the flick of a finger and simply pulverize everything within range. But he isn't useless without his dragons, either - he too has a sword, and ice magic that can at least reduce a sizeable area to frost and ice. ]

Stubbornness. Attachment. [ Stupidity. ] Let's get this done and move on. Dallying here is only wasting time.

[ Somewhere on this land is a shrine that may get them home... probably. ]

the best tbh

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kuroganes: by <user name="prayers"> dns (romeo ate my sandwich)

pretend this is some kind of jamjar nexus city where they all live for now etc

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[ There's this guy going down the stairs while eating a bag of chips and reading a magazine. He has the chip bag balanced on the same arm that holds his book while holding a chip with his other hand. He looks pretty absorbed in reading it, which means he won't really notice Lapis coming up the stairs.

Is there a collision? Maybe, if she doesn't get out of the way in time... ]
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[Luckily, Lapis has pretty good reflexes - which is why she soon spots the guy bounding down the stairs and steps out of the way in time. Being a dancer for years has its advantages. Though she still reaches over to tug gently at the top of his magazine, intending to catch his attention.]

You should be more careful on the stairs.

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commanderess: (005 ✖ winter kept us warm.)

anyone i just like playing with you okay.

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[ it was raining so hard.

she could almost hear glaegis' chiding her as she ran down the streets, trying to keep a grip on the umbrella which protected her from the rain that poured down around her. maybe she wouldn't be in this mess if he had agreed to come out with her to the city. ever since they both arrived to this mysterious city, they only had each other as company and stuck to the other's hip out of protection and pragmatism with their unfamiliar surroundings.

so of course the one day he didn't want to take a walk out with her was the day it happens to be raining cats and dogs.

emi continues to grumble under her breath when she notices something out of the corner of her eye. she stops and turns to see someone there, out in the rain.

without a second thought, she rushed over and hurriedly placed the umbrella over the person too. a good chunk of herself got wet as a result but, in her mind, it was worth it. ]

Here! [ she smiles at the person she's shielding the rain from, her expression honest and her nature sweet. ] Good thing I came along or you would be a lot more soggy!
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slides in

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[ Lucius has been alone in this city, though he did make a few friends here which had helped stave off the loneliness. If anything, he was treated as an ordinary person here - which is a great relief from back home where he had been elevated to a status that had made him uncomfortable.

Being an android, it didn't really matter if he got soaked apart from having to dry his clothes - but Emi's offer is very much appreciated, and he turs to her with an apologetic smile while holding his book to his chest. ]

Oh! Thank you...

/vibrates in excitement

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she's so cute

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spellbindings: (002 ⟡ a spell of good luck.)

the wintersmith what up

[personal profile] spellbindings 2017-04-20 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
( after a month since she's been hanging out in his world from our last thread hiiii. )

[ accalia has been here for a while and she's tried her best to learn the customs, the traditions of where she is. while she may stand out with her red hair and her persistent friendliness, she's at least tried to dress like them to blend in better.

she waits for her chance to see the man she met when she first got here, willing to go through the rank-and-file process of seeing him since she has a feeling just barging in would be frowned upon. he must be pretty busy today because by the time she gets to see him, she's yawning a bit to keep herself awake. (while ignoring the looks one of the people who escorted her sends. she's sorry. please don't point anything at her anything.) ]

H-Hey. I'm not bothering you or anything, am I?
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slides in

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[ Isaz is a country of extremes.

A kingdom situated so north that it was blanketed by the cold winds blowing in from the sky, yet its people remain warm and friendly to each other. Perhaps not so much to her, but once she establishes that she means no ill will and only wishes to help, the friendliness is extended in a muted form. As much as the people here are wary of foreigners, she did have the Wintersmith's seal of approval - and often, that was enough.

If she asks around about him, she would be told that he was held in high regard by the people. Sometimes quick-tempered and with a razor-sharp wit to match, but underneath all that is a firm sense of responsibility to his people. When a citizen's house caved due to the wood fragmenting under the cold, he was the first to be there, flying in on his dragon partner. Bahamut soon called other dragons, and a swarm of them cleared the rubble with their strength and claws, allowing a new one to be built in its place.

Basically, a tsundere. She's come to see him in the evening, while he's still in his office, filing sheets of parchment aside. ]

No. What is it?

[ He's usually seen with a slightly annoyed expression, but it's dampened now to be one of neutrality. Gold eyes flick up to meet hers, intense. ]
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flynn!! lmk if that works

[personal profile] neutralism 2017-04-22 12:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[It all began when Isabeau mentioned a cafe in a conversation with Flynn a few days ago. She had passed it during one of her walks but instead of walking in to have a peek, she had continued walking. Perhaps she had been in shock? She could have sworn that there were as many cats as there were people.

That's how cat cafe looks to someone who hasn't ever seen or heard about it, apparently.

After bringing it up, Isabeau, without thinking much, asked him if he wouldn't like to come along and see what is this about together with her. It meant to be a casual invitation, nothing else.

Until Fujiwara heard about it while she's been waiting for Flynn at the Florida Cafe on the next day. Funnily enough, they agreed to meet here and head out to the other cafe.]

A date?

[Isabeau tilts her head a little, looking pensive. Then, when she's about to open her mouth and tell the man today's date, he starts laughing first and explains what he meant next. To put it mildly, it's quite a revelation to her. That's why, no matter whether Flynn is going to show up early or late, it won't change a thing. She'll be sitting near the counter, her cheeks bright red, trying to calm herself down.]
adnihilum: (smile)

COMES IN!! also this was my account for null end flynn but I can play neutral too

[personal profile] adnihilum 2017-04-24 04:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[ It is a surprise as to how a cat cafe would continue to operate in Tokyo, but the oppressive gloom that hung over the previously-underground city had dissipated with the raising of Masakado's barrier. A breath of fresh air for everyone - the people, the demons that remained... and yes, the cats. Business is good, now that sunlight has returned.

Flynn was often in high demand for all sorts of requests, so she'll be there for just a bit more. The door opens exactly at the appointed time, and he steps in - clothes clean despite Isabeau knowing that he had taken on a slaying mission, since he took a bit of time to neaten up first.

Both the bartender and his companion get a nod of greeting, as is common for the stoic youth. When he comes closer, his expression softens. ]

Sorry to keep you waiting.


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[ It's been a while.

It's been a long, long while. Years even, since the days when they were both trapped in a school not by their own choosing, since they escaped and somehow mysteriously went home. After so many years, he had thought it impossible to find her again, but there she was - five years later, at a recital in one of the grandest halls of Tokyo. He had thought it impossible, but the poster was of her face; the girl who had told him to get a grip not only in words but also in the language of music that they had shared.

So of course he bought a ticket. And after so many years, they got in touch again, and they could meet to share their stories once more.

It's been a while. ]

I've arrived.

[ Tokiya texts her once he's got a seat at one of the more reputable and secluded cafes he patronizes. There's sunglasses, which he removes once he enters the shop and has placed his order.

Now he only has to wait. ]
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[Kaori's phone lights up and buzzes in her bag for a little while before she pulls it out. They agreed to meet in a cafe today, so she already knew what this was about. Letting him know that she's just five minutes away from their meeting spot would be polite and most likely appreciated, but it'll make surprising him way more difficult.

That's the reason why her phone ends up back in her back bag. It's not like he can't wait a while, right?

Meeting him again during one of her recitals...to say that it was unexpected would be a lie. They made a promise, after all. Of course, she couldn't have known when their paths would cross again, but Kaori was sure that it's going to happen either sooner or later. And she wasn't wrong. They couldn't talk properly and had to keep their conversation short back then, but today is going to be different.

Actually, she arrives at the cafe much earlier than she anticipated. Kaori might not have noticed that she's been almost running instead of walking, but it's something that she realizes while standing in front of the cafe. Well, it's not her fault that she's curious what Tokiya has been up to!

If her plan was to sneak up on him, it's doomed to failure once she opens the front door and puts a bit too much energy into it, making some people inside turn their eyes to her. Not that she cares about that—the girl simply storms across the room and stops a few steps away from the table he's sitting at.]

Hey! What are we going to eat? I've always wanted to try their waffles!

[Kaori's idea of reunion after years...it might be a bit different from his. Listen, she's excited to see Tokiya after all this time, but she's also hungry.]

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[ Lord Light was a punctual person.

He had received Sion's invitation and took it with the same seriousness that he did all his appointments, arriving at the requested place approximately fifteen minutes earlier. For a deity, he dresses quite simply - black jacket over a white shirt, with black pants to go with it. The only adornment would be the presence of a small four-pointed star charm on a chain around his neck, in the same manner as some people would wear a cross necklace.

So he waits. ]
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My thanks, for meeting me here.

[ At the place where Sion called 'home' in this realm, secluded and banking the ocean. Tea awaits the two of them—a God living amongst humans and a human combating the scourge of his own Godhood—a spread which is whimsy, somehow quaint, as it sits beneath the shade of a garden alcove.

Polite to a fault, Sion ensures that his guest takes his seat before doing the same, legs crossed elegantly at the ankles as he goes through the motions of pouring tea (a fragrant, floral blend) and portioning out sweets.

But for however carefree the setting might be, Sion's voice is solemn when he speaks: ]

There are a great many things I have wished to ask of you for quite some time, but I have struggled with finding the proper words for the questions.

[ Giving pause, he lowers his eyes, pale as snow lashes fanning over lambent gold— ] You and I are kindred. Or rather, perhaps we will be so someday soon. Knowing this... is something which terrifies me.

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[ By all means, it's a normal summer weekend. Reiji had been a bit lazy and decided not to head home to Kamakura, and had gone out to take a walk.

Or so he said. Shizuma will get a text. ]


dyou think lobsters are like mermaids to scorpions

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[ The text would be strange to anyone else, but this is Shizuma we're talking about. He's had plenty of enough time to acclimate to Reiji's eccentricities. ]

I suppose they would be.

What brought this on?

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recolle au

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[what a crazy day]

[as promised, makoto arrives after lunch to reiji's apartment (it's just two doors down, so it's not much of a trek, not really), portable piano under his arm. he knocks on the door, knowing that he's expected, and presses his forehead to it, sighing.]

[why is asking someone out the scariest thing he's ever had to do?]
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yes good

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[ Reiji doesn't work today, so he's sort of holed up in his apartment reading or playing games. His housemate is at his job, so they're alone.

A lot better for the topic that's about to be brought up. ]

Hey, afternoon.

[ The door is open scarcely a few moments later, Reiji giving him a quick smile and giving Makoto a hand with the piano. ]

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[ their daughter hasn't answered them since yesterday afternoon. even then she sounded stressed and unusually vague during their talk.

oh gall can say it's nothing to worry about. that ainsley was merely busy with her own life right and probably didn't have the time to answer their ritual post-dinner phone call but mothers know when something is up. especially if it involved their kids. it's part of their infamous intuition after all.

so the moment she's finished making breakfast for her and gall, she grabs her cellphone and dials in ainsley's number while steadfastly ignoring the disapproving eyebrows of her husband. if her daughter isn't going to answer the landline than surely she'll answer her mobile. she's practically glued to that thing since last february or march.

ring ring ring. ring ring ring. ]
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[ ainsley pokes her head out of the bathroom, toothbrush still in her mouth, after recognising the ring tone has hers. it must be a friend of hers at work or something. it must be pretty urgent to call her at this hour.

but she's not exactly in the best state to be waltzing out of the bathroom. last thing she wants to do is making things awkward with her and lucian. not after he's been nothing but a sweetheart to her after yesterday's nasty surprise. ]

Um! Lucian- Can you get that? I'll come out in a bit but I think that's important.

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[ give me any of your gbfs and any prompt of your choice, i'll throw one of my eternals at you later. ]
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[ how 'bout meteon and percival going grocery shopping for the crew? ]
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Happy birthday!

[ to celebrate this very important milestone in her friend's life, she brought him the following things: a small cake she's holding in one hand, a wrapped parcel tucked under her other arm, and the biggest smile ever on her face.

it's night time as she stands in front of his clinic. a little tired from work - and the shenanigans of retrospec in general though what else is new - but it's his birthday and they were going to party in their own way, darn it. she just hopes he doesn't know the little scrapes and bandages on her face, neck, and hands. the injuries are consistent of her taking a fall of some sort. ]
Mind if I come in? I don't think the cake will survive outside much longer.
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have picture prompts for accalia and wintersmith??? i'm sorry

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