Jan. 1st, 2017

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how do i hold all these muses

I've got more people here!

» Not all my folks have ready icon sets/usernames, but feel free to request one who doesn't and I'll get them up to speed!

» Feel free to request ocs too. I have so many of them

» I am generally a slow tagger due to RL/work/game tags but I'll get one out every 3-4 days at the latest.

» Pick a prompt and get the ball rolling! Or post a comment and I'll brain something.

» I am ALWAYS open for plotting and aus! You can find me at [plurk.com profile] haemoglobin.

» This CMO is sfw but if you want to write nsfw stuff pm me.......

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prompts if you need 'em
» Random Scenario Meme More Random Scenarios «
» AU Meme Kinda Stuck Meme «
» Rain Meme Snow Meme «
» Seasons Meme Coffee Shop Meme «