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let's go to the PWT

This is a generic Pokemon AU meme of sorts! I'm gonna put prompts in the comments and whatnot. The premise of the AU is that characters are going to go the PWT. They could be a challenger, an invited member, or just there to watch the battles.

As per custom, all the gym leaders attending the Pokemon World Tournament are invited to a tea reception before the ceremony kicks off the next day. It is intended to be a time for these elite to mingle, have conversation, and share their experiences in their regions. There are pastries and finger food from every type of cuisine, as well as Poffins and snacks for the Pokemon attending alongside their trainers.

Taka was invited alongside all the Hwanshu Gym Leaders, but only three of them accepted the invitation. His brothers and father ran the gym in his absence - this excursion is more of a learning opportunity than anything else. His Pokemon are all out beside him - the Klefki and Azumarill chewing happily on their Poffins, the Gardevoir reading, the Sylveon chasing another Gym Leader's Jolteon around the hall, and the Togekiss accompanying him wherever he goes.

Perhaps his Sylveon has careened into you, or the Klefki attracting the attention of one of your more playful Pokemon. Or maybe it's his general countenance of calm and reserved observation that sets him apart from the rest - it's a bit rare to see a Gym Leader with all of their Pokemon out, but it's just the custom where he comes from. The Key Stone he wears on his collar as a pin occasionally flashes in the light, too.

While other Gym Leaders may be open to mingling, instead he chooses to sit in an unobtrusive corner and take notes. On what? That, is an unknown unless you ask.

[ If this doesn't interest you, just post with your own, or ping me on plurk! I can come up with something. ]
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Naoya had been invited, the majority of his team safely in their Pokeballs. Most of them really weren't the friendliest, so he thought that he'd save other people the trouble. Still, his Absol plodded along next to him, looking around curiously. She nudged Naoya towards Taka, and he looked at her in confusion before heading over to him.

"What are you writing about?"
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"I see. You're from... Hwanshu, correct? I'm originally from Johto, myself, though I've traveled all around for a long while."

His Absol padded over and looked up at Taka. Pets?
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She nuzzles against his hand approvingly. Yes, good.

"So I heard. I haven't had a chance to visit it yet, though I'd like to at some point soon. It's been interesting learning about your culture."
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"I see. I'm a programmer by trade, though I freelance and contract out so that I can stay mobile. I have more than seven Pokemon, but I tend to at least try to spend time with each one. Storm and I have been partners for a long time, though."

The Absol dips her head in a nod. He'd been pretty young when she found him and dragged him to safety. "She was the first Pokemon that was really 'mine' - though I'm not so sure she doesn't consider it the other way around."
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"I see. It does get that way sometimes. I remember our meeting well, but... ah, it's not a topic for this conversation." Much too personal for someone he's just met. And definitely not in public.

"Ah, that's right. My name is Naoya." He extends his hand to shake the other's. "And your name?"
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"Ah, I see. Well, I'll have to keep your specialty in mind should I end up battling you. I'm actually supposed to be over with the other researchers, but... well. I find a lot of them very dry. Most of them don't take battling as seriously as other types of trainers, but I'm more of a hands on type."

He drops his hand and looks around at Taka's team before reaching down to give his Absol some headpets. "I did manage to snag myself a slot on the lineup, though. I'm no gym leader - though if a slot for a dark or ghost type gym opens I wouldn't say no. I just don't see a reason to limit myself to a single area of expertise."
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"I understand. I never wanted to challenge them myself, but that's mainly because I've not stayed in one region long enough to get all the badges. I just tend to roam too much. My cousin is starting to take on the Johto region's leaders, though."

He has confidence in Kazuya's abilities, but he's not about to hold his hand with it. He's old enough to succeed or fail on his own. "I've never found that type easy to communicate with, personally."
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"I suppose I'm more used to my Pokemon being more direct in what they want. Fairy types seem to be a bit more... subtle and playful." Storm pads off to go peer at some of the Fairy types. He watches her go, and chuckles.

"We've been out in the desert for a while, so this is more stimulation than she's seen in a few weeks."
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"Ah, yes. Doing research on the movements of the more ancient types of Pokemon. There are some who think that studying their flight and migration patterns could lead to ruins that are currently undiscovered, so we were following some Sigilyph. We didn't find much on our way, but perhaps over several years something will show up. It's likely that next season another team will be there to track them further."
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"Most things. I don't say that lightly - I just pick up on most things quickly. It's a talent of mine. I spend most of my time exploring remote areas to see if there are new species to discover."
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"I'd like to, honestly. I can help with introducing whatever technology is needed. Besides, it'd be an adventure."

Storm comes bounding back, nuzzling into his leg.
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"I'll look into it." He reaches down to give Storm a good scratch around the ruff of her neck. She headbutts him playfully and he chuckles. "You're eager to fight, hm? We'll have to look at when we go on. Tomorrow morning, probably, since the gym leaders are more of an evening showing - isn't that right?"

He looks up at Taka for confirmation.
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"If you're up for it, I wouldn't say no. I have the rest of my team with me, but... three on three should be enough for a spar, right?"

No sense in wearing everyone out, after all.
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He just... waits. He doesn't speak Pokemon, though Storm at least looks amused. She leans against him while he waits.
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"All right. Let's see..."

He considers his options for a moment before grabbing two Pokeballs out of his pocket and releasing a Gengar and a Magnezone. "How about these two?"
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The Gengar stared up at Taka, grinning. Someone new to play with? Exciting! The Magnezone on the other hand simply floated and stared. It didn't really seem excited, but it would fight nonetheless.
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Mitakihara was a small region, one often overlooked by any Pokemon leagues worth their salt, and for good reason, of course. Pokemon training was barely anything more than a small hobby for those with the time and patience, and even its few gyms were left without major serious challenge for many years. When a local girl from a modest household in Mitakihara gained an invitation to the Pokemon World Tournament, of all things, it was unsurprisingly a major buzz about the entire region.

It was difficult not to discount Madoka Kaname in general; she wasn't a favorite to win by anyone but perhaps her mother. She was a middle schooler, still having to take an absence from school to even arrive to this tournament, dressed in her yellow school uniform and black skirt, and still assigned homework over her trip! Of course, she wasn't paying attention to that, merely watching in amazement at the scenery around her with wide eyes and mouth agape, still not believing she was actually here. It was a wonder, truly, aside from her age and experience, given that her selected team was one based more upon emotional bounds more than synergy and power.

Her selected team for this excursion were her favorite standbys, a team that was once entirely composed of Eevees. Madoka had a fondness for the things when she started out, and loved them even more when she found out they could move down their own unique paths and do whatever they want. Cuteness and boundless potential! How could she not love them? Now they surrounded her in a mass as she wandered aimlessly around the reception, trying to get rid of her starstruck look and bubbly absentmindedness.

What caught her attention was indeed a careening Sylveon, which made Madoka almost lower down to lift up the creature, "Aww, Junko! You need to watch your-" She gasped and stopped mid-kneel, arms almost reaching out for it before she pulled them apart and made it clear she wasn't touching this other person's Pokemon. A look back revealed that Junko was next to her Espeon, Homura, distinguished by her additional bows around her ears. So, someone else let their Pokemon walk free? How interesting! And what an odd coincidence that it happened to look like one of her favorites! Surely, she should find which trainer this little cutie belonged to, just in case it was lost.

"Um, excuse me!" Madoka called to the surrounding group, all mingling among each other, "Who's Sylveon is this? Hello? Did anyone lose a Sylveon?"
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"Oh! There's no need to apologize!" The young trainer begins with a cheerful giggle, "I was just worried the poor thing was lost! Plus, she just looked so much like one of my Pokemon, I sorta got mixed up!"

With that, Madoka signals with a nod of her head towards the small group of Eeveelutions behind her, all chasing each other about and much more concerned with their own antics than the surrounding events of the tournament. The Vaporeon and Flareon, in particular, seem quite ready to break out into a horribly one-sided spar any moment now.

It was only now that it hit Madoka that this trainer wasn't just a normal encounter; this man is a Pokemon World Tournament participant. She still couldn't quite bring herself to that level, even though she was, and she instead flushed a bright red before starting to sputter out a starsticken greeting, "I--uh... I'm Madoka! I'm a new trainer here, so forgive me if I'm a little... well, intimidated!" She giggles, extending a shaky hand, fearing in the back of her mind that she would be looked down upon and shrugged off for her lack of experience, "And--um... Sorry if I should know this, but... What's your name?"

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At the attention that Madoka was talking to someone, it seemed that one of the girl's Pokemon, namely her Espeon, had made her way over to the conversation near-silently. She leaps upon her trainer's shoulder and proceeds to stare at Taka, as if judging him as a potential threat.

Madoka turns her head to the Pokemon and gives her a quick pat on the head, calming the Espeon down a little. "It's okay, Homura," She whispers to her overly attached monster before directing her attention back at Taka, bowing only slightly so as not to throw off the new occupant of her shoulder. All the other Pokemon soon gather around Madoka, as well, all looking up at Taka with the exception of Kyouko the Flareon, who still seems far more interested in batting at the Vaporeon's fish tail than anything else.

"Oh, Taka-san, the pleasure is all mine!" Madoka insists with her bow, beaming up a wide smile at the man as she toyed with the hem of her skirt now, "Your Pokemon are all so pretty! I can really get behind your tastes with them! I can also tell that they're super strong, aren't they?" Well of course they were; how else would he be here, after all? "I wish I could have some big claim to fame like that, but... I'm just a traveler from Mitakihara who, somehow, got an invitation!" She punctuates her nervous statement with a giggle, forcing her hands away from her skirt to try and hide her continued star-stricken habits.
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Homura's double-ended tail sways now in a more relaxed state, but her gaze doesn't break off of Taka for a moment. The way she stands on Madoka's shoulder, alert and ready, hints to the true talent behind the girl's training. For whatever reason or another, her Pokemon were incredibly in-tune with her and with one another. Even the ones that seemed to conflict on the ground below were in some way valued teammates. Their synergy, loyalty, and emotional will were what caught the PWT's attention in the first place. It was an undeniably powerful connection, but one that Madoka would downplay so as not to bring her own talents to the front.

Madoka instead brings her hand to scratch at the back of her head nervously, grinning timidly at the slight complement. "I mean... I'm not terrible, but I wouldn't say I have any special talents! Especially not any that can compare to, well, anyone in this tournament! I guess that's why I'm a little nervous. This is sort of my first time being out among so many great trainers!"
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Something about Taka's compliments and reassurance made Madoka feel completely elated; she would never have dreamed to find someone who was so positive and reinforcing at such a high level, let alone someone who would dare call her talented! Her cheeks light up with the thought and she immediately bows, "Thank you, Taka-san! I can't promise I won't disappoint you, but I'm definitely going to try my hardest!"

Her attention is then grabbed by the still-waving tail of Homura, and she quickly laughs to make up for herself, "Um, I mean they'll try their hardest! In the end, it's all really up to them, isn't it! I'm just the one standing behind them all with snacks and hugs after all!" Her hand lowers to pat the top of her Espeon, stroking between its ears with a single finger and scratching behind her ears, making the Pokemon break its concentration to shiver and nuzzle into Madoka's touch.

Her hand not leaving its duties, she then quirks a brow at Taka, "So, surely this isn't your first tournament, right? How long have you been coming?"
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Sumaru was a region with a very newly established League--so small, in fact, that while a few had received invitations to the Pokémon World Tournament, Eriko--or Elly, as she was known to many--was one of the even smaller number that had chosen to attend. Going overseas was no new idea for her--she'd studied in Unova for a time and it was nice to return to the region, if only for a little while. Most of her Pokémon were in their balls (Ghost-types could be quite the troublemakers, after all), she was accompanied by her Mismagius and her Aegislash. For the most part, they were both happy to stay near Elly, but eventually the Mismagius lost interest in simply waiting around and took it upon herself to take a look around, eventually opting to hover over Taka's shoulder to see what he was doing.
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The Mismagius twirled in place a bit, before letting out a cry that sounded somewhat like a cackle. She enjoyed making people jump. Oh, no, nothing at all~ I came to see what you were doing! There's so little else interesting around here... She sighed exaggeratedly, clearly not inclined to move from her spot in midair.

Elly's attention was elsewhere for the moment, but her Aegislash watched from afar, waiting patiently to get her attention.