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let's go to the PWT

This is a generic Pokemon AU meme of sorts! I'm gonna put prompts in the comments and whatnot. The premise of the AU is that characters are going to go the PWT. They could be a challenger, an invited member, or just there to watch the battles.

As per custom, all the gym leaders attending the Pokemon World Tournament are invited to a tea reception before the ceremony kicks off the next day. It is intended to be a time for these elite to mingle, have conversation, and share their experiences in their regions. There are pastries and finger food from every type of cuisine, as well as Poffins and snacks for the Pokemon attending alongside their trainers.

Taka was invited alongside all the Hwanshu Gym Leaders, but only three of them accepted the invitation. His brothers and father ran the gym in his absence - this excursion is more of a learning opportunity than anything else. His Pokemon are all out beside him - the Klefki and Azumarill chewing happily on their Poffins, the Gardevoir reading, the Sylveon chasing another Gym Leader's Jolteon around the hall, and the Togekiss accompanying him wherever he goes.

Perhaps his Sylveon has careened into you, or the Klefki attracting the attention of one of your more playful Pokemon. Or maybe it's his general countenance of calm and reserved observation that sets him apart from the rest - it's a bit rare to see a Gym Leader with all of their Pokemon out, but it's just the custom where he comes from. The Key Stone he wears on his collar as a pin occasionally flashes in the light, too.

While other Gym Leaders may be open to mingling, instead he chooses to sit in an unobtrusive corner and take notes. On what? That, is an unknown unless you ask.

[ If this doesn't interest you, just post with your own, or ping me on plurk! I can come up with something. ]

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