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Xu Shu 徐庶 | Yuanzhi 元直 ([personal profile] windtail) wrote in [community profile] feonixe2014-10-19 11:30 pm
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code | simple navi page

Just a simple design I threw together for one of my RP journals. It's really minimalistic and all. This version is intended for portrait view sidebar images - I might do a landscape one if I do have time. Works best with a 300px by 500px picture.

There is space for a short blurb as well as a whole link list - I didn't use font size differentiation, only font style differentiation, since unevenness somehow annoys me. Again, feel free to tweak to your own preferences.

Credit to [community profile] feonixe is appreciated, if you do use it.

The picture used in the example is from here.