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reference translation for [personal profile] relationer!

Okay so. There's this thing called 'telepathy' in the PoS game verse, which is not quite conventional telepathy, but it has a similar function and effect. So far in the game, only four people are known to have this ability: Nana, her mother (Akino Sakurai), Touya Natsunagi and Shizuma Mayuzumi.

We first get introduced to it in June, during the joint training camp between the Saisei and Hounan teams. Reiji tells Shizuma to tell Nana about 'that thing', and he obliges. I've transcribed the conversation below.
[REIJI]: Shizuma.

[SHIZUMA]: Yes, Reiji-sama?

[REIJI]: Could you teach dosanko-chan about that thing?

[SHIZUMA]: ... if that is your wish.

Sakurai-san, do you mind coming outside with me?

[NANA]: ...? Oh, um, sure!

- scene change to outside -

[SHIZUMA]: This is the Relationer Booth that we will be using for the practice session.

The basic equipment that we need are all here. Most of it is similar to the ones used in the Trial Tour, but we have an upgraded application. The interface is not much different, I can teach you as you use it.

[NANA]: Okay!

... um, Shizuma-san... was there something you wanted to talk to me about?

[SHIZUMA]: That is correct.

It is something you would want to know as a relationer.

[NANA]: Something I would want to know?

[SHIZUMA]: Have you heard of the term 'telepath'?

[NANA]: ...? Telepath...? Is it a person with special powers who can sense other people's feelings?

[SHIZUMA]: What you mentioned refers to telepathy. A person who can use that ability is termed a telepath.

'Telepath' as a Stride term, however, has a slightly different meaning.

[NANA]: And that is...?

[SHIZUMA]: Sakurai-san, I trust that you have felt the thoughts of your teammates during the races?

Even if all you can hear is the sound of their breathing, it still lets you understand what they feel during the event itself.

The desire to not lose, the shock of being overtaken, wishing to let the next member know their thoughts about their performance. All these are the thoughts of the runners.

[NANA]: Ah...

(I did feel these things before.)

(... even if I didn't hear them physically, I felt them in my heart...)

I have.

Even if it was only very faint, I feel like I did hear their voices.

[SHIZUMA]: That is the meaning of this term when used for Stride.

A power derived from the thoughts of your opponents... that, as well.

It has no scientific basis. However, in teams where the relationer understands the runners exceptionally well, many have this ability.

It is also different from the type claimed to be possessed by believers of the occult. When relationers are close to the hearts of their runners, it is only natural to be able to hear their voices.

[NANA]: Close to their hearts...?

[SHIZUMA]: That is correct. Being close to the runners' hearts lets one know exactly how they are doing on the racecourse. Not just that - you can give them the extra motivation that they need at exactly the correct time.

This is not limited to your own team, either. If you focus on your opponents, you may be able to predict their movements in advance.

[NANA]: (During that race against Kakyoin's team... could Natsunagi-san also be a telepath?)

[SHIZUMA]: The presence of a telepath is not compulsory for Stride. However, it can be greatly beneficial in raising a team's ability.

Reiji-sama has seen your potential in this discipline. Thus, he has instructed me to teach you about its existence.

[NANA]: I-I see... I'll work towards it, definitely!

- later, during the race -

[SHIZUMA]: The term 'telepath' was originally used in sarcasm for relationers who were thought by other teams to be cheaters.

[NANA]: Cheaters? That's not true!

[SHIZUMA]: That was because they did not understand. To hear others' hearts - it isn't a supernatural ability. The potential exists in every person...

... no. To put it that way would be giving the wrong impression.

[NANA]: What sort of impression?

[SHIZUMA]: A relationer decides the order for their team, and is the person linking all the runners together.

If the relationer is able to understand the feelings of their teammates, and let their hearts run with them despite being in a completely different location - then that would be the mark of a true relationer.
The four relationers named above also have better 'people sense' than others - Nana is shown to be very understanding of her teammates and mediates disputes, while Shizuma does the same for the Saisei team. Presumably Touya does the same for the Kakyoin team as well. He is also stated to be the only person who can tell Hajime and Ryo (the Izumino twins) apart at first glance, so he has a higher sensitivity to people's minds than most.

It should be noted, however, that the telepathy for Stride is extremely limited in capacity. It has only been demonstrated to be active during races - instances of high-intensity emotion from the runners, and focus from the relationers, so it takes a combination of both factors to be successful. It isn't something that the relationer can pull off in daily life. Nana hasn't been demonstrated to use it outside of races at all.

Shizuma, though, is another question altogether. He is one of the only relationers to talk directly with a runner (Reiji) on-screen in a telepathic conversation, able to have a sizeable exchange within the span of one or two seconds. His experience with the sport aside, this is also majorly due to the close relationship that he and Reiji have. Outside of races, there are instances in which he can read Reiji's strongest feelings - but as with before, this is a highly unique circumstance. He would not be able to tap anyone else's mind without the correct conditions.

There also exists a phenomenon called Overflow, in which a relationer's conduit powers grow so strong that they are able to blanket an entire area, letting even audience members feel the emotions of the people around them. However, only Nana and her mother are shown to be able to do this, and it's largely an once-off thing that wouldn't come into play except in the most exceptional of situations.

[tba when more material comes out!]

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