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turbo cat approaching

come at me bros.

Possible prompts:
1. So I need someone to draw/photograph/interview for an assignment, and it's going to be you.
2. I bumped into you and absolutely just destroyed whatever delicate masterpiece you had in your hands.
3. I’m really passionate about this cause and I will give you this flier if I have to shove it down your throat.
4. It’s pouring and my final paper is in my backpack so I guess we’re stuck under this tiny awning together. do you think they’d deliver pizza here.
5. It’s 3 am and I’m still studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost. Help.
6. I found your USB drive still in the computer
7. You’re the only one who actually responded to the desperate message I sent to the whole class about needing the notes.
8. I heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider .
9. I was imitating a fight scene off this anime I watched and accidentally hit you in the face.
10. Hello we are full grown adults fighting over this last balloon that’s shaped like a cat’s head.
11. We were both skipping class at the same time in the bathroom but someone passed by and now were hiding in a cramped stall.
12. You keep messing up this titration and if i see this solution go bright bloody purple one more time i will beat you with the measuring cylinder.
13. We have to eat each other’s cooking in Home Economics class, but you’re a terrible cook…
14. We argued so much during a class discussion that we both got kicked out and we’re still arguing outside of class while holding buckets full of water.
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[ Taking care of the others always is rewarding in its' own way and it's certainly nothing that Shizuma minds all too much. However, once everyone's in bed and sleeping before tomorrow's events unfold, he's still burning the midnight oil by doing homework and studying for their exams. He's supposed to be sleeping, too, but studies always took importance over that.

There's not much on beyond the lamp light and some quiet music at a very low volume so as to not disturb the others. He's about to nod off when he thinks he hears someone screaming, the noise jolting him awake. The pencil is put down and he gets up, checking on everyone.

Just where did that shriek come from? ]
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[ ...Well, this happened.

Shizuma sighs, shaking his head as he smiles in his usual fashion. At least Bantarou's okay. ]

You should be sleeping.

[ However, he walks over to the window, looking around. Certainly no sheetghosts are here. ]

Are you okay, Bantarou?
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[ He would have done that, had it not been for the fact that his eyes land on the books and notes on the desk. Instead, he merely nods at him, shaking his head slightly. ]

Don't apologize. I was worried that you were having a nightmare or something.

[ His tone is soft, gentle -- not at all what Bantarou was expecting. ]

Do you want me to get you an ice pack? I can't imagine that the fall was pleasant.
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[ The effort is appreciated, especially since he sees that Bantarou's working hard just like the rest of them. It gives him a sense of pride, too, knowing this. ]

All right, then.

[ He nods soon after that before smiling a bit. ]

Do you want to join me to study? I can make us some tea.
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[ His question earns the other a bit of a shrug in response. It doesn't matter how late he stays up as long as everything's done and taken care of. ]

It is, but I don't mind helping you out.

[ Really, he's fine and he knows that he has to keep up his own grades, too. ]
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[ What is sleep when his responsibility is taking care of the team? ]

I don't mind. Besides, we have the weekend to rest.

[ Perhaps he is superhuman, especially since he takes care of everyone else first before himself. ]
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[ Well, if a certain someone didn't scream, he might have already been sleeping. But, anyway, his own messed up sleep schedule aside-- ]

You say that like it's a bad thing.

[ Ever since they started Galaxy Standard and the Saisei Stride Team, he's gotten accustomed to the lifestyle they have. He takes a moment to stretch a bit, the only sign that he's slightly tired.

He's the best, though, isn't he? ]

Bring your things over to the table while I make some tea.

[ With that, he walks out to the kitchen to do just that. ]
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There's always something to do.

[ He doesn't delve too much into the responsibilities that he has as their relationer, but there's a great number of things that he does to make sure everything's firing on all cylinders.

As the water is warming up, Shizuma hums thoughtfully to himself while stifling a yawn behind his hand. ]

Do you want something to eat?
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[ Just be the best you can be, that's all. ]

I'm fine. I ate not too long ago.

[ When the tea's done, he brings over the set while making room on the table to do so. All of his notes are neat and tidy, margins written in, but all in black ink. ]

Was there anything you were confused about?

[ He says this as he pours the tea, still smiling despite how tired he is. ]
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( She have to admit that their performance just now was more exhausting that the usual (perhaps due to the rather outrageous number of idols here-- which Umi hasn't really used to) , but with the reception that was seemingly mostly positive, there is no other thing that she could do but smile. Thankfully, years of experience doing archery, as well as other physical activities, have made Umi's body anything but weak.

But in any case, it's break time and it's probably the best time to offer her gratitude for the help so far toward the other idol group and perhaps even giving slight cheers and some emotional supports if it's possible!

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be the most perfect timing...? The moment Umi steps her way inside the break room, there's nobody else but her and another person who seems to be rather busy lying down on one of the sofa.

The blue haired girl makes a small pout, tapping her cheek in a thoughtful manner for a moment before she decides to approach the dozing Bantarou. On a closer look, the said guy seems to be exhausted and it soon makes her worry for this. Kinda. After all, they can't have their joint concert ruined just because of one person. )

Excuse me, are you alright?

( She's going to poke him softly now... Once, twice, before she's going to start tapping and shaking his shoulder. )
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( That's really the reaction that she didn't see coming, so excuse her for letting out a slight yelp in surprise here. She does return to her calm state soon after that however. )

N-no! My apologize for interrupting your rest, actually! ( She glances around to reaffirm the situation of the break room first. There's nobody else beside Bantarou and Umi herself definitely. ) Ah, I was thinking of checking of your group but it seems I arrived at the wrong time.

( She just casually brings a packaging box of manjuu from her back. Unfortunately, it's not really the donuts that Ban-chan wished, but it's close enough nonetheless? )