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voicetesting ver 2.0


If you guys have got any advice, that'd be good too OTL I don't really know what I'm doing ffs ]
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[The courtyard is at least open air. There's something to be said for that, even if Slaine's given the distinct impression of a cage. While they're treated to an open view of the sky, of the world beyond the school's premises, it's a world that's just beyond reach. Close enough one might think to touch it, yet too far to actually grasp.

It's frustrating, to say the least. But Slaine isn't going to readily accept imprisonment. And no matter how discouraging it might be, he can't allow himself to show it. No, showing weakness might be exactly what whoever's placed them here wants.

Granted, it seems there are so many other ways to break morale.

He doesn't get much further in these considerations before it begins to rain. The air becomes heavy with the scent of brine and Slaine shields his eyes with his hand. While he's spent nearly two years on the Moon Base, and so little time on the Earth, he knows what rain smells like. He knows what the sea smells like.

These two things are not the same.

With his uniform fast becoming soaked, he seeks out the nearest shelter. In this case, a tree. There aren't that many options for coverage around here]
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[For his part, Slaine doesn't seem all that affected by the presence of company. They've got an arm's distance or so between them, and that's enough to satisfy any comfort zone he might have. Perhaps not so were he elsewhere, among people who hated Terrans by virtue of being born on the blue planet, but...well.

It's fairly safe to assume based on the presence of living, breathing (albeit bizarre) nature that they're on Earth. So why would Terrans revile other Terrans?

They'd hate him if they knew who he was, but nobody recognizes him this far.

A long, heavy round of silence settles almost uncomfortably between them before Slaine thinks to make any comment at all]

Just to confirm...

[Because the circumstances warrant that he question his faculties at this point]

Does it also smell like the ocean to you?
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[Slaine weighs that reply for a few moments in silence, staring up at the dismal grey clouds as though they might distinguish themselves from any ordinary ones. Of course, they look no different, but he keeps his gaze skyward all the same.

What was happening without him, while he's here in this place...?]

Another oddity amongst the rest, I suppose.

[Though mercifully, it's not dangerous unless that rain gets in someone's eyes. And then, it's mostly going to be painful. Maybe they should consider themselves fortunate...or maybe they just ought to be all the more wary.

In this place, it's difficult to judge]
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idk throws the artist first (thug idol later...)

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[Mashiro had been refusing work that was outside of manga. At the same time, the name circulating around that the great artist Mashiro Shiina was in Japan as a mangaka still had her editor receive offers for other work. Paintings, murals, designs. But Mashiro had a one track mind, and that was to succeed in this task of becoming a mangaka like her friend told her to do.

Yet, an offer from Shining Entertainment, one of the grandest agencies in Japan, is hard to refuse. Though a splendid artist, there is still the fact that Mashiro's eccentricities has left her completely inexperienced in the realm of human emotions, and as such her manga is, well, suffering. Doing something like this would give her a chance to see professionals up close when they act, so it is not like she is selling herself out.

Today, she arrives, having made her way to Saotome Academy over after school was over, thankfully having not wandered off and is keeping to her deadline (CONGRATULATIONS), carring a folio of artworks. Her client is to be Tokiya Ichinose. She doesn't keep up with the times though, so she doesn't even know who Tokiya is, let alone HAYATO. What she was told was that he is a talented young man, skilled just like she is, but in song, dance and acting. A triple threat.

Perhaps she would be able to learn something from him.

It didn't take her long to be lost though, this school is freaking huge.]
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gently holds hand

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[She's probably seen him those same three times too, but didn't quite register her in her head of the possibility that he is Tokiya Ichinose. Mostly because now she's just admiring how vast this academy is and she could imagine a story that could be set here! MAYBE! Well just the setting. She can't imagine the characters yet.

Mashiro turns when he speaks, giving him a blank look as she nods.]

Yes. What is your name? [Well, now that someone stopped her, she might as well ask him the important question. She takes out a slip of paper, written on it his name.]

And...I need to find Ichinose Tokiya. Do you know him?

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[Oh, that was easy.] I found you finally. [NO YOU DIDN'T, HE DID, GOD.] It's nice to meet you, Ichinose Tokiya.

[She takes out her portfolio and holds it out to him. It includes some works like this or these]

What is your colour?
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ganbatte you two...

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[You bet. She's not moving until he tells her too, actually.]

Indigo or violet... [He gave her an answer so quickly, so he is definitely sure of himself. She looks at the phone case and nods.] You're a dreamer.

[And damn right these are watercolours.]

Your songs...what feeling do you get when you sing them?
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esp to smile, god.

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[Just by his colour alone! That's how she feels anyway. Who knows what a genius is thinking (in her case, probably about cake).]

That's what I think when you told me your colour. You are sure. [And he has dreams that he's totally aiming to achieve.]

How do you feel? [This is hard for her to describe, since when she paints, she's just lost into that world.] I want my painting to be of your feelings. Not just a picture of you.
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we believe in you two

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[Damn right she is. Don't think she hasn't dealt with you tsuns before!!!

She just uses obliviousness...

Have a nod at his question.]

Can you sing it?
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[Haruka at least has Shame. Mashiro on the other hand...

She was fine with it being right then and there too, heck she draws anywhere if she needed to. But if he insists...

Mashiro moves over to his side so that she can follow him.]

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[ If Tokiya's been frequenting the music room, he'll find that someone beat him to it for once. At the piano is a girl clumsily hitting notes to the tune of a graduation with her right hand. She's obviously no music student, but she tries her best to provide accompaniment to the melody she sings. Tokiya has probably heard singers with far better technique, but she's pleasant enough to listen to. The emotion is there. ]

Our meeting was made in a moment at the intersection walking home.
You called out to me, didn't you? "Let's go home together."
While I hid my face with my bag in embarrassment,
In truth, I was very, very happy.

Ah, the way the fireworks beautifully bloom in the sky is a bit lonely.
Ah, the wind flows along with time.

So happy, having so much fun, we had so many adventures
Inside the secret base that belonged to the two of us.

[ Before she moves on to the chorus, she looks up at the doorway where Tokiya is and smiles. ]

Ahaha, sorry. Were you going to use this room? I don't mind.
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[ She was, but she can always find other things to do. This happened way too often even back home, so she has no qualms getting up from the piano seat and stepping aside. ]

No, it's just something I chose to do on a whim. [ She then begins to approach him, sparing the painted cherry blossoms an idle glance as she continues. ] The windows reminded me of graduation, so I wanted to hear a graduation song... I don't have the talent to play something by ear, though.

[ But she probably has an actual musician right in front of her, so she gives him a pointed look. ]

Do you?
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[ It's beginning to rain: there's a strange symbol in the floor, something geometrical. It's outlined in red, smelling of something copper. The culprit, a pink haired girl 160cm tall, stands to one side far from any shelter. Blood flowing out of a small cut on her forearm, she looks sadly upon the symbol, rainwater beginning to wash it away. ]
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[ Her uninjured hand stretched out towards the symbol, she's trying to activate it--in vain. There's no aether that she can feel, and it leaves her strangely...empty. It's a second before El actually reacts, because it takes her a second to realise there's nobody around...so the other person must be talking to her. Raising her head to look at him, she blinks, taking in the sight of his face, his clothes... ]

We should? [ Her tone is one curious, wondering why he's used the word "we" instead of "I", why he's including her despite them not knowing each other...

But really, she doesn't mind the rain, it's small and light compared to the heavy rain in Gridania or La Noscean. Even when raindrops fall on her cut and drip bloodied from her fingertips, El doesn't flinch.

A second later, she helpfully supplies, ]

Umm... It's locked.
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[Classes in school were a special kind of hell.

There was something to learn, but what does one do when they literally could not understand what anyone was talking about? Hearing the teacher and the classmates around them, their gibberish was not merely complex terms from math or science, but some alien language (or some dialect of Japanese from somewhere deep deep within the boonies.

It is a student's obligation to learn from the teacher. Saitou surprisingly is still attempting to note down what he could.]
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